Move to the UAE – Critical expat financial info

Welcome to UAE Money Market – This website will provide you with the critical information that you will need as an expatriate considering a move to the United Arab Emirates.  It will help you get quickly established, whilst at the same time helping you avoid getting conned and scammed or even ending up in jail.

It will also help you navigate and understand the UAE financial system and its laws that differ from almost all western countries, before you move.  It is very easy to work in the the Emirates and through no fault of your own make some pretty significant and catastrophic errors that will mean you go home penniless.   I personally spent time in a Dubai jail because I did not have the advice that is contained on this website available to me before I made my move to the UAE, I have created this website to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

If you are considering a move to the UAE then read EVERY PAGE of this website BEFORE you arrive.  Being informed will help you sidestep the same mistakes and help you avoid going home broke or spending time in an awful prison hell hole because you couldn’t pay your bills and were naive.

About UAE Money Market

UAE Money Market is an independent website set up to provide impartial information to expatriates relating to managing your money, savings and investments whilst living and working in the United Arab Emirates.  Our site is packed full of information, guides, rankings and impartial advice created by a team of journalists who have real world experience of living and working in the UAE.  If you find the articles helpful please share them in order to help other people considering a move to the UAE.

You can use this website to provide you with information about UAE Banks, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Loans, Trading Accounts, Savings, setting up a business and other financial information relevant to the UAE. Posts are created every few days and due to the large amount of information on this website use the search function to find exactly what you want or using the menu bar to browse relevant categories and just read each article.