The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

About The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is an Islamic bank that has its base in the city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Members of the United Arab Emirates ruling family are key founders of the bank alongside some prominent citizens of the United Arab Emirates. It has branches across a number of Arab countries like Egypt. Just like other banks in UAE, it is involved in both personal and wholesale banking services alongside micro-finance and treasury related activities like foreign exchange and market analysis and updates. It has 70 branches in Egypt and many more across many cities in the UAE. The bank has many ATM’s to complement the many branches.

Negative Online Reviews About The Bank

A number of people complain about the fact that the bank follows sharia laws strictly. This means that a number of nationalities are restricted from accessing the services of the bank. In this regard, employees say that it takes a lot of time to process certain jobs due to the restricted nationalities. Some employees complain of a fickle management, which does not offer great benefits. The long hours of work mean that the employees do not get enough of personal time for themselves.

What People Like About The Bank

Some people speak positively about the fact that the bank seems to offer a higher pay as compared to other banks. At the end of the day what matters is the salary package that a person ends up with. Productive learning sessions which teach employees how life is appreciated by a number of people. Other people complement the high technology used by the bank, which makes them enjoy their office times. Some people commend the working environment. They say that it is a lovely place to learn more and grow in their banking careers.

About John Robberts
John Robberts is a journalist with 12 years experience of living and working in the United Arab Emirates.