Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda

About the Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda was originally established in 1953 in Kenya. This bank has now an expanding international network and serves the local population of India. It has a network of 101 branches with offices in 24 countries worldwide. It is also known as India’s International Bank. It has a known presence in some of the major financial centers of the world, such as London, Dubai, Brussels, Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. It has a plan to serve 51 million customers internationally with its global presence. ATMs are located at convenient access points. Plans are underway to establish further branches in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, UAE and the UK.

Online Reviews

Potential customers are advised to do their research with regards to joining the Bank of Baroda. Online Reviews reveal numerous complaints such as ATMs not being available and checks not clearing in time. A computer engineer complains about not being able to log in to the online banking facility after attempting to do so for up to 2 hours. Other customers reported waiting 15 days for ATM card to be activated and that it was not, after the time period had expired. They were unable to access their funds and the staff are said to be uninformed and rude. Whether reviews are good or bad it is always advisable to do your own research.


This bank offers a wide range of services which include debit cards, credit cards, bill payments, savings, loans and more. All information can be accessed on their website. Their selection of debit cards are specifically designed to suit the growing and changing requirements of todays’ lifestyles. With the Bank of Baroda’s International Debit Card you will have access to more than 2,000 Bank of Baroda ATMs that are spread across most of the country and many other ATMs worldwide. These cards can also be used at almost all outlets in India and other countries. Now you can enjoy your purchasing power the cash-less way, without worrying about overdrawing your account.

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