Commercial bank of Dubai

Commercial bank of Dubai

About the Commercial bank of Dubai

Established in 1969, Commercial bank of Dubai is a highly profitable financial institution in the United Arab Emirates that was began as a joint venture between the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Chase Manhattan Bank and the Commerzbank. It currently has over 24 branches in the UAE and offers a wide range of services for both commercial, corporate as well as consumer banking. The bank also owns the leading financial services web portal today and offers its clients all financial products and services that they need.

Clients can either open current, savings or fixed deposit accounts and the services are offered at affordable rates. The bank also gives its clients the option of choosing their account currencies as it is not a must that one has to transact using UAE dirhams.


The local Commercial bank of Dubai offers all its clients free debit cards that can be used to withdraw money from any ATM worldwide. This makes it easy for the customers to make payments globally unlike other banks that restrict only to local payments. The bank also has standing instructions and personal overdraft facility as well as a money transfer facility. Customers are also entitled to a cheque book and free Attijari online and mobile banking services. Bank statements and activity history can be accessed through the Attijari online banking portal. Clients also get to receive sms alerts on all the transactions as well.


Customer service at the bank has been a major concern for most of the customers. Getting a credit card takes too long and sometimes the bank fails to inform the client whether their cards are ready or not. It always seems like most of the major processes are done in a sluggish way, even if it is a matter of urgency and some of the customers end up getting disappointed. Fresh applicants also face several challenges as it may sometimes take long to open an account and even if customers visit the bank offices they have to wait for long for someone to attend to them.

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