FGB Credit Card

FGB Credit Card

First Gulf Bank Offer a variety of cards including, Rewards, Ferrari, Platinum, Gold, and Manchester City, just to name a few. These cards seem to be very popular amongst tourists and expatriates worldwide. However, consumers should remain wary about applying for credit cards as they can be very difficult to pay off, especially in the current economic climate. Credit cards should only be used for emergencies.

The platinum card has value added travel and leisure features and also offers a variety of reward redemptions at entertainment centers and malls. Fuel cashback is another enhancement to this credit card. There are also exciting discounts at several different clubs, such as the Yacht clubs and Golf clubs, for existing card holders.

On the whole, the FGB credit card seems to be just as secure as any other credit card. There are reports of fraud and stolen cards, but these remain consistent with other makes of credit cards. The credit card rates in the UAE are exceptionally high when compared to those in the USA where the interest may range from 19 per cent annually right up to about 30 per cent.

This depends entirely on the commitment made to pay back the loan. If the client pays the amount due back on a regular basis, the interest rate will be remain about 19 per cent. This card is sleek with a minimalist design and desert backdrop that appeals to up and coming executives. The card can be interchanged between black and pearl white to suite the mood of the said cardholder.

Prospective clients who may be interested in applying for the FGB Credit Card are advised to do thorough research before submission, as there are many reviews online that claim different inconsistencies and unfair treatment from this organization. There are also reviews that claim they had an excellent experience and that their lifestyle was made much easier by using the FGB Credit Card.

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