Forex Trading Accounts – 5 Things To Know Before You Start Trading

Forex Trading Accounts

Thinking about a Forex Trading Account whilst in the UAE? For many years, investors have been investing in FOREX trading accounts in the UAE without really knowing the factors that will affect money exchange rates once they make such investments. Here are some of the factors you should consider before you start to trade Forex in the United Arab Emirates.

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Forex Trading Accounts – Before You Start

1. The knowledge that you as an investor have about the Forex Market

The amount of returns when investing in forex trading accounts in UAE is affected by the amount of information you have about the given security. How do you find information about the Forex trading price for a currency and how to you understand what factors will impact its trading price on the market?

You need to do your research on the internet about the possible causes of changes in the prices if you want to buy a given Forex currency. This will help you determine whether you will make a gain or loss after the investment in the currency. If you are going to do it properly, and by this I mean day trading Forex then you will need to be plugged into the world news and be ready to make fast trades based on the information you have at hand. For example “They just found oil off of the coast of Pakistan” – what do you think is going to happen to the currency.  Stay plugged in at all times or risk missing out on opportunity to make money or mitigate your losses, I find one good way to do this is to keep an eye on what everyone else is doing, a good forex trading account option to do this is Etoro, here is the link 🙂


2. The performance of the economy

You have to know the performance of the economy if you want to invest in that currency in your Forex trading account. Why do I say this? The performance of the economy often affects the prices of the Forex in the market and this can determine whether you get a loss or a profit depending on your knowledge about the market. This definitely makes it one of the best options available for you to make viable investments that will give you good returns in the end. For example some bad news may devastate a small countries currency if it has a very weak economy, if it has a robust economy it is likely that the currency will be able to ride out the bad news.  Make sure you are well informed in the economic situation of every currency you trade, keep informed and read the news every day before you commit to FOREX positions for the currency you will trade. When you have the information apply it to your forex trading accounts and your positions and keep an eye on it.

3. The government regulations

Sometimes the decision of the government regulation can affect the prices of currencies in the market. This means that you must have knowledge on the policies that the government has about to introduce if you want to make the best choice when you are about buy.  Like most factors government policy and regulation will determine the amount of income that you will get whenever you are looking for opportunities to make returns from your Forex Trades. If the government of the currency you are about to trade is just about to sign a major trade deal for example then you need to build this into your strategy. Likewise if the government is about to do something pretty retarded then you may want to get out of your position on that currency.

4. The rates of inflation in the market

The rate of inflation also affects the prices of currency in the market. This means that you must always know the projection of the inflation rate for each currency if you want to beat the market to make profits from your Forex trading accounts. Remember that low rates of inflation will always give higher returns when trading when compared to the incidences when the rate of inflation is high in the market. In addition, you have to do your research on the market to determine the expected inflation rates in the future prior to making your investments in the currency.  This means you need to watch the econometric data closely – if a currency is susceptible to hyper inflation for any reason, for example sanctions you may want to get out of it or put short on that currency.

5. Market forces in the Forex market

The demand and supply of the bid and ask prices of the currency often control the price and you need to take care that you have paid significant attention to any market force that could impact demand. If you know what the future market forces are likely to be or if you can trend them then you should be prepared enough make returns, there are many factors that impact the demand for a currency.  For example if the demand for the UAE Dirham has dropped significantly in the United Kingdom then you may want to consider this when making your trade. In conclusion, the above information on will give you the tips that you need when you want to invest your hard earned money into a Forex trading account. This will enable you gain more returns that will give you the financial freedom and security that you need .

We would highly recommend that any new investor to Forex take one of the online courses offered by many of the trading platforms available in the UAE.   If you want to do this then we can recommend E-Toro as a good place to start, they will even give you a free test account to try your luck without losing any money!


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