UAE Health Insurance – The five best options for expats

UAE Health Insurance Companies

UAE Health Insurance

UAE health insurance solution providers are ranked according to the range of corporate and individual insurance products and services they are offering. The feature of a UAE health insurance option is the determining factor in the ranking. Here are the 5 best UAE health insurance options for expatriates living and working in the UAE.  These companies have been chosen based on the policy affordability and availability for expats and the terms of cover provided, however we highly recommend if you can afford it that you choose the BUPA Gold policy.  This policy did not make it to our top five because it is one of the most expensive, but if you can afford the policy it offers the best level of coverage for expatriates.

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UAE Health Insurance Companies

National Health UAE Insurance

The National Health Insurance Company – Daman is the leading health insurance product and service provider in UAE. Daman provides comprehensive health insurance to an estimated population of 2.4 United Arab Emirates citizens. It is a public joint stock company with a number of branches in the both locally and in the region. The Abu Dhabi government is the majority shareholder with 80 percent of the shares and Munich Re owns the remaining 20%. The company was first established in 20006 and it is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. As a pioneer in health insurance, Daman boasts of setting high standards in the health insurance industry through a combination of state of the art technology and healthcare-related expertise.  Policies are well priced although they do not provide a wide selection of options. They have a coverage of approved healthcare providers and is probably the most popular provider of UAE health insurance in the Emirates.

Alliance Insurance Company PSC

Alliance Insurance is a leading health insurance provider, which was established in 1975. It boasts of more than three decades of experience and development in the insurance sector. It has a rich presence in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, it prides in the unchanged skills and philosophy that built Alliance’s reputation in providing clients with the highest quality of service. Alliance insurance’s team of well-trained staff ensures that both individual and institutional clients receive timely and quality service wherever they are.  This is the company I use to insure my family and they have always been very good in processing payments, again they have a wide variety of approved UAE health insurance care providers.

Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance Company (PSC) is one of the 5 best UAE health insurance options with over 15 branches. Established in 1975 the company is listed among the best true customer oriented service providers in the industry. Oman Insurance Company team of competent and experienced staff ensures the company achieves its status in the highly competitive market. Among its list of achievements is the most coveted Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MRM) Business Award that it received in 2007.

Al Dhafra Insurance Company

Al Dhafra insurance is one of the leading insurance solution providers in Abudahabi. At present, Al Dhafra insurance provides a wide range of health insurance services that are aimed at protecting its clients against some unforeseen events. The company staff works hard towards its goal of becoming an insurer of choice to customers in both the local and regional insurance market. Al Dhafra insurance offers value added services to its customers through continuous research and attractive discounts.

Methaq Insurance Company

Methaq Insurance is a leading AUE insurance solution provider, which was established and listed in 2008. The company’s philosophy is based on understanding, sharing and trust, in addition to good and clear documentation of guiding principles. Methaq Insurance Company is a registered and licensed General Takaful Company. It is a public shareholder company whose objective is to offer the UAE public and cooperation a comprehensive first-rate, accommodating, incorporated and Shariah compliant health insurance solutions. All its activities and services are cooperated under the strict guidelines of the Fatwa and Shariah Supervisory Board.

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